There is a revolution going on. One that, if you are a baby boomer, like me, you may have missed. I am referring to the burgeoning social media conversation. Our consumers, customers, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders have moved online, and they are talking about us. Our companies, products, services, and reputation are all being talked about. Are we a part of that conversation, do we want to be? As business leaders do we have a responsibility for this arena? Should we have an online presence?

I would argue YES, on all counts. There is a new generation to whom this is normal, cloud think is here and peer pressure is online. They socialise, rationalise and purchase, online, all the time. How can we understand a phenomenon without being engaged? We need to immerse to understand. This move will change the way commerce is conducted. Our staff will expect it, our customers already demand it. Get engaged, get online, and get social media savvy. You may not like the change, but you will like irrelevance and obscurity even less.