Whilst I do have plenty of Director experience, it was with some trepidation that I approached the ‘Australian Institute of Company Dierctors’ to register for the “Directors Course”.

It has been a while since I studied; My last exam was, to the delight of my teenagers, last millennium. Yes that’s right 1999 MBA finals. However, I needn’t have been concerned. The staff and lecturers at AICD made the experience a great one. The intensive one week course was well run by seasoned practitioners who communicated well. The imminent danger of “Risk and Governace” being a cure for insomnia was quickly averted.

The exam and assignment, whilst time consuming, were manageable and a great way of assimilating a lot of valuable information.  If you intend to do this course, I would recommend you take the time to prepare well. This is not one to ‘wing’. Time spent in preparation for the course and revision of the exam and assigment will serve you well.

Once you have the exam passed you receive the GAICD and you are eligible to apply to AICD for a Fellowship. This is based at their discretion and on your experience. You can apply online in a straight forward process.

I have now become a ‘Fellow of the Australian Institure of Company Directors’, (FAICD) which while a mouthful has undoubtedly equipped me to serve in this area. I now know what ‘best practice’ looks like. In an age of heightened transparency and accountability I believe this course an essential part of any directors education.