It was a pleasure to be accepted as a ‘Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management’. (FAIM)

The post nominals do hold due credibility but the organisation is far more than that.

To develop better managers and leaders for a better society.


To grow management and leadership excellence by supporting, developing, promoting and practising the profession of management at all levels.


The Australian Institute of Management is not for profit entity which invests its annual surpluses in the creation of education products, alternative education distribution channels and learning support materials.


The sole purpose of AIM is to promote the advancement of education and learning in the field of management and leadership for commerce, industry and government.


Across Australia, AIM adds capacity to managers by providing opportunities to learn, develop know-how and better understand practical management. We do this through a range of services in business and management training, events and seminars, coaching, research and publications, supported by a specialist management bookshop and library services geared to graduate school education.


More than 20,000 managers at every level belong to the AIM Network. Join them by becoming a professional or corporate member.


With a $75 million turnover, over 280 staff nationwide, a network of first rate office and training facilities and a commitment to Australia’s business future, the Institute is considered by many to be their key professional development partner.


In each Australian State and Territory, AIM Divisions provide an essential contact point. While offering many national services, we also offer a range of training and special events that tap into trends and issues relevant to the local environment and business community.


I would recommend the Institute as an excellent vehicle for networking and education.