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Group Managing Director : Gloria Jean’s Coffees

“Mark is proof that “nice guys do win ball games”. He has a rare ability to connect the right information with the right people and then let them shine. Calm under ridiculous deadlines he is one of the easiest and rewarding clients to work with.”

Franky Callanan Director of Channel Zero 

Mark came into Gloria Jeans when it was performing at a suboptimal level. He introduced and drove a strategic planning process that focused the business on key areas and initiatives that saw immediate improvement.

Rudi Selles Experienced Global Franchise Counsel and Executive

Mark is the epitome of an effective and successful leader. His inspiring and engaging leadership creates an environment where employees at every level are constantly seeking to improve their own performance and in doing so deliver sustainable business growth.

Michael Phillips Human Resources Professional

Mark is a leader with rare and impressive qualities; strategic, focused and inspirational. He has the capacity to impart these qualities to the people around him; a great team builder. A CEO with vision, drive and exceptional leadership skills.

Peter Hocking Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand at Executives’ Global Network Australia.

 Mark is an outstanding leader of people, a communicator who also inspires. He is direct and open in dealing with difficult situations, and is compelling in drawing people forward to a vision or goal.

Andrew Tyndale Director at Grace Mutual Limited

Mark’s experience and expertise was instrumental in directing the company through a difficult recessionary period. His skills in managing people, developing systems and engaging with franchisees enabled the company to grow and establish a firm footing for the next growth phase both in Australia and internationally.

Peter Irvine Co-Founder Gloria Jean’s Coffees

I had the opportunity to observe first hand Mark’s work and personal attributes as a co-director and then as Managing Director. I was impressed with his ability to quickly map a clear course and then go about bringing all stakeholders on board in executing agreed strategy.

Ian Campbell Chairman -Riskflo Associates Limited

Mark is a remarkable businessman. An individual who has the ability to seamlessly integrate the needs of both the business he is working in and the people he is working with. He is clearly a consummate professional in his field with a clear understanding of the critical business drivers and the necessary levers to be ‘pulled’ in order to achieve the right business outcomes.

William Saxton Founder & Director T garage & Channel T

Mark brings energy, enthusiasm and vision to any organisation that he works with. He is a natural agent for change bringing a strategic focus to the big picture aspects of ‘where and what’ the business needs to change. His style when it comes to the ‘how’ is always about empowerment and that brings out the best of people around him.

Martin Fenwick Change Agent at theCHANGEfactor and Executive Coach at Altris


Chief Executive Officer : Hagemeyer Brands Australia

“Mark is a highly energetic leader with passion for driving change, always seeing the opportunities in a challenge. Mark brings his consultative, pragmatic style to everything that he does, sharing his infectious fervor. He is a calm and compassionate “boss” who supports your strengths, and likes to bring out the best in everything, and everyone.” March 27, 2011

Kim Cheney, HR Services Manager, Hagemeyer Brands Australia

I still work with Marks previous employer and his legacy is still very much in tact. Senior people still speak of him with high regard as a real value adder. The organizaton that employs Mark, is a fortunate one.

Ian Segail, Sales Profits Strategist, Mckenzie Cons

From our first meeting Mark was the consummate professional articulating clearly and succinctly his vision for the business and what the business needed. …. I was also very impressed by Mark’s leverage of social media tools and the fact that he was a true early adopter of social media as a business tool in the Asia Pacific market place and I have to admit I have personally modeled my use of social media on the style that Mark had perfected.

David Hope, GM & Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Lawson Software

“I have had the good fortune of observing Mark’s leadership. What strikes me is that he is a true visionary. He thinks outside of the square, understand the core drivers and has the amazing ability to get the best out of his team by empowering them to be the best they can be.

An exceptional leader and world class business builder”

Tony Gattari, Founder and Chief Energy Officer (CEO), Achievers Group

“On joining Hagemeyer, Mark was tasked with challenging the existing business model. His strength has been in engaging the team to develop and then work towards common goals. He was then able to present a simple, clear but exciting and motivating vision to both staff and other stakeholders who have embraced this new direction.” March 23, 2011

Carl Bowdler, CFO, Director and Secretary, Hagemeyer Brands Australia

Mark was effective at ensuring that the Board remained focused on the business fundamentals, people, customers and product and made a significant contribution to keeping discussions positive and forward looking during difficult circumstances. I found Mark an insightful and supportive Board member who was instrumental in creating a good working relationship between Board and CEO.” March 15, 2011

Sean McElroy, CEO, Mokum Textiles

Group Managing Director: Charles Parsons Group

“Mark was an excellent leader & mentor. He had a strong skills in engaging people to work towards a common goal. He was organised, lead by example and had a good work ethic. He was well respected by staff at all levels. If given the opportunity I would work with Mark again.” April 21, 2009

Sue Ellen Mackintosh-Dixon, General Manager, Charles Parsons

“Mark is an excellent change agent. He challenges and stimulates your thinking and encourages self-development whilst being completely supportive. He is someone you respect as well as someone who is extremely capable. I would recommend Mark to anyone and would happily work with him again.” April 16, 2009

Ian Penfold, Managing Director, Charles Parsons & Co Pty LTD

“Occasionally you work with a client who possesses genuine business vision for change and the managament skills to make it happen. Mark has been such a client for us when leading change at Pod and at Charles Parsons. On both occasions he inspired us with his direction, then recognised and respected the power of our creativity to deliver highly effective work.

Guy Whateley, Director, Velocity Creative

“Whilst at Charles Parsons, Mark successfully implemented a significant change program to the group to reposition it to deal with the changing market conditions. This program involved significant restructuring of group companies, rebranding and a shift in culture. This was achieved whilst embracing the group’s traditional values.” April 15, 2009

David Murray, Group Chief Financial Officer, Charles Parsons Group

Managing Director: Pod Limited

“Mark is a real visionary – great communicator and he articulated his vision effectively to others. Great guy to work with – straight talker, easy to approach and deal with, responsive, and had great integrity.” October 27, 2009

Caroline Boot, Owner, Plan A Limited

“I’ve now worked with Mark twice, at Pod and then Charles Parsons. On both occasions I found him to be an excellent leader and someone that I both enjoyed working with and learned from. For me, Mark’s key strengths would be his vision, and his values and integrity. His ability to present a coherent and attractive and motivating vision are reasons why people want to work with him. His values and integrity, consistently demonstrated, are why people strive to achieve with him.” May 17, 2009

David Horner, General Manager Information Technology, Charles Parsons & Co Pty Ltd

Mark introduced a very clear set of objectives and strategies and a dedicated focus that quickly earned the respect of all staff. He was an outstanding leader and was well respected internally and externally within the industry.May 10, 2009

Malcolm Walkinshaw, General Manager, Mollers Homewares Ltd

“Mark is a dynamic leader and has great strategic vision. Mark’s key strength is in turning around businesses that suffer from old ways and old thinking and I’ve been pleased to see him do that in three roles in the past. Happy to recommend.” April 26, 2009

Paul Blomfield, Public Relatrions Consultant, Paul Blomfield Consulting


Managing Director: Charles Parsons NZ Limited

“Mark is one of the best strategic thinkers I have come across. He is able to develop a clear vision for what he is trying to achieve and is able to communicate that clearly. Mark has very strong values and is resolute in upholding those in everything he does.” April 26, 2009

Tony Carter, MD, Foodstuffs

“I worked with Mark several times over the years in different roles. He was a dynamic young leader who really shook up the textile business with innovative thinking and effective leadership.
No hesitation in recommending Mark to lead any business, whether start-up or restructured into the future.” April 15, 2009

Paul Blomfield, Executive Director, Fashion Industry New Zealand

Mark would be one of the most visionary Leaders I have worked with, he was decisive, focused and consistently delivered business results. He inspired his team and indeed the whole company but was never afraid to make hard calls when necessary. April 15, 2009

Lynlee Wilson, Owner, The People Group Limited

“Mark is a consummate professional. Armed with more than his fair share of ‘smarts’, he also brings a robust values driven approach to his working life. Words such as visionary, achievement focused and leader come to mind. Mark exhibits high order leadership qualities – namely he demonstrates great patience with individuals and is sensitive to an individuals needs, abilities and aspirations, at the same time has a healthy level of organisational impatience.
Like many smart people, he knows a lot of other very smart people – always a good sign! Particularly relevant to our current economic climate, Mark has not only driven growth but also managed business in really tough conditions.” April 15, 2009

Peter Kerridge, Partner, Horner and Partners Limited