‘Faith + Work’ books written by Mark

‘Faith + Work’ books written by Mark

Some of you have asked for more details on the books I have written. They are not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. If you want to know how to ‘integrate your faith into your work’ you will love them. Did I mention they were not everyones ‘cup of tea’?


Monday Matters: Finding God in Your Workplace.


Monday Memos.: A Daily Devotional for Those in the Workplace.

Presence_front cover_small

Practice the Presence of God.: A Contemporary Interpretation of the Words of Nicholas Herman (Brother Lawrence). 

77 proverbs_front cover_small

77 Proverbs for Leaders.: A Contemporary Version of the Book of Proverbs with Leadership Insights.

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Monday Matters

Monday Matters


There is something amiss in Christendom. Our practice of faith seems to have been squeezed into Sunday plus some spare time in the evenings. We go to church, meet in small groups and fellowship together, all good things. But is this the full expression of faith that is necessary to meet the great commission? Even in evangelism our modus operandi is to ask people to church where we then have the “professional”, tell them about Jesus. Dragging friends into a foreign environment where they are the minority and expecting a commitment is not effective.

What if “Monday mattered”? Maybe we have segregated and segmented sacred and secular. Rather than expressing our Christianity just on a Sunday, how about a seven day a week Christian walk. I believe Jesus saved us as whole beings and is infinitely and intimately interested in the mundane, as well as the spectacular, the simple day to day, as well as the religious.

He who said that, “every hair on your head is numbered”, surely watches and counts every second. We cannot possibly say that He has a “plan and a purpose” for us without it being expressed seven days a week, that cannot exclude the marketplace.

It is time to ask God into all of our life and let Him work out His purposes at work as well as church, in the marketplace as well as prayer groups, in all our life, in all our lives.

We are to work with excellence as if working for God, to bring reconciliation and peace, to be salt and light. Even the most mundane task becomes worship as we surrender it to God. We should expect the Spirit of God to give us opportunity, economically as well as ecumenically and to lead and guide us as we would expect of anyone else called by God. Let’s move on from a segregated view of God and embrace all He has for us to do, in the fullness of whom we are and where we are.

Money, Money.

Money, Money.


There is an often miss quoted scripture that ” Money is the root of all evil”. The verse in question is; 1 Tim6:10, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs”. (NIV)

Money is neither good nor evil, it is amoral, a tool which can be used for good or damage. It is the profit motive that drives business success. Profit is not a four letter word. It is a motivator and a goal, it brings with it growth and investment, sustainability and employment. Money buys freedom of choice and options to give and sow into the work of the kingdom.

The issue with profit is, at what cost will you seek to attain it? What is it in you and your business that constrains the wanton pursuit of profit at all cost? Greed is moderated by giving; God calls us to a generous life, a giving life, as demonstrated by His Son, who gave his life for all.

The pursuit of wealth for wealth’s sake will bring with it collateral damage in other areas of life, if not counterbalanced with a generous spirit. Moderation is  a virtue and Gods principles of giving and sacrifice, bring balance to our natural tendency for greed.

The Holy Spirit will encourage and convict us as we seek to work out the balance of a healthy drive for a successful business and the social, ethical, and moral imperatives, within which context the push for gain is contained.

May God bless your business, and balance your life, with generosity and wisdom.




“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters’.” (Colossians 3:23.)

I love excellence. I appreciate seeing things done well, professional, efficient and effective. A well conceived idea, powerfully executed and delivered is great to experience.

God calls us to strive for excellence by working with all our hearts, passionate and committed. Sometimes that is not easy. In particular we are not to look at our earthly masters. They may be a board, a company owner, a CEO, or whatever. You may disagree, they may be incompetent or inexperienced, rude or overbearing. Regardless of who you serve, the only way to get the right attitude is to serve them “as working for the Lord, worshiping Him.

Keep coming back to this powerful truth, it may well help overcome immense frustration. It is sometimes not easy, but God’s word will prevail.

Quick Prayer. “Guide me into excellence in all I do, serving You.” Amen