FGI Excellence Awards

FGI Excellence Awards


Congratualations to all the winners of the Fashio Group International’s Excellence Awards.

Although I was unable to attend I heard it was a fabulous event. It was a tough task judging but one I enjoyed. the standad of entries was outstanding and made the task of finding a winner hard. The caliabre certainly boads well for the Australian Fashion Industry.

The well deserved winner of the 2011 Lifetime Achievement is Leanne Whitehouse.

Congratulations to all the category winners;

Napoleon Perdis for being the winner of the 2011 FGI International Achievement Award.

For the winner of the 2011 Innovation Excellence Award, Berlei.

Sportsgirl for being the winner of the 2011 FGI Corporate Leadership Award

Peeptoe for being the winner of the 2011 FGI Rising Star Award

Lizzy Gardiner for being the winner of the 2011 FGI Costume Design Award.

Foe the winner of the 2011 Costume Design Award, Lizzy Gardiner, and congratulations to The Social Studio for winning the 2011 FGI Sustainable Design Award.

Other honourable mentions who could well have won were SeaFolly and industry icon Simon Lock.




The song says that “Children are our future”, true enough. Our privileged and prosperous society has its issues and challenges, yet our children are raised in relative safety and have, in most cases, their basic needs met. Many parts of the world just don’t have that luxury. We are bombarded by the imagery of, “a little girl waits”. Empathy can give way to numbness and a “what can I do” reaction, or cynicism over the problems that are so often associated with NGOs in far flung countries.

What can I do the problem is too great? You can make a difference to one child at a time. I have been involved with Tear Fund and its umbrella organisation Compassion for over twenty years and seen the difference they make. They have a holistic view that covers the physical needs of food and water combined with educational opportunity and spiritual experience. Whole families, villages and areas have been impacted through the outstanding work of so many. Compassion has made a difference and I would recommend them unreservedly.





One of the largest quakes in history! I can relate to those in Japan because I was in Tokyo when it struck.

Sitting on a bus on the way out to Narita Airport we pulled over on top of a “fly-over”. The bus began to sway side to side, this motion became more and more vigorous. We had another view of what was happening as I could see the bus in front being shaken. The whole bridge seemed to have waves going through it rolling like waves on a pond. Black smoke billowed to our right from what we now know, was the oil refinery.

It was a surreal experience that continued into the night as we made our way trough stop start traffic to the airport. Narita was locked down, so it was a case of, pull up a piece of floor, grab a sleeping bag and have a “night on the tiles”.

My two colleagues and I annexed a piece of territory under a strong looking pillar and claimed an electrical plug. We had power, intermittent WiFi, nothing to do, and a drinks machine. Kind of like a holiday; although the whole airport did shake every twenty minutes or so, an experience somewhat heightened by the noise of rattling shutters from all the closed stores.

My habit of reading a bit of the bible at night took on an added emphasis, as I was up to Revelation 16, “the great earthquake”. “Perhaps something else might be better” was the comment of one of my companions.

We got wheels up the following night after many delays and uncertainties of whether or not we would get out. The situation was heightened somewhat, by the news of the nuclear accident earlier in the day. We were the last flight out.

You never know what you will feel like in such circumstances; I had a peace and felt somewhat detached from the experience, yet got home and had the odd feelings of shaking and emotions when relaying the story.

A bit of an adventure, is sadly contrasted with the human tragedy that enfolded at Sendi with the impact of those awesome and awful tsunamis. Our thoughts and prayers as well as practical help should remain with the people of Japan for sometime to come.